Acer Aspire EasyStore

Thanks to Kaera:

En las fotos, varios modelos de Acer EasyStore

This unit, that I got from HT (a special @$600+P&H), arrived on Monday and I have been playing around with it for four days now.

The first thing I did was configure the box using the web interface and was very disappointed by the lack of features (but I guess it’s cheaper then most 4-bay NAS box). The unit comes with 4x500GB seagate drives (ST3500820AS – 8MB cache version)

I then upgraded the firmware from version 1.1 to 2.0. Still no significant new features. I did a nmap on the box. No telnet or ssh ports. Only samba, ftp and web and port 3689 are open. The unit is basic the same as Lanner Electronics NS04-3100 (hinted by the firmware filename).

After looking around I notice that the firmware was similar to the DNS-343. After downloading a few tools DNS-3×3 firmware hacking tools I managed to work out that you can actually hack this box using the dns323 fun_plug telnet hack. The key is that the firmware init script is looking from es_plug instead of fun_plug. So just ftp any fun_plug scripts and rename them to es_plug, then reboot, and things should work (or you might have have a brick if you’re unlucky. haha).

Note that not all fun_plug kits will work, the binaries will not execute for the specific version of Linux and libraries in the firmware. I found this out through lots of trial and error and lots of rebooting and checking of logs. It will depend on the firmware you have.

As a result, I’ve managed to start telnet and sshd daemons on the box and can log in and run unix commands. This means that you can run all the goodies that are available on the dns323 such as bittorrent client, backup client, lighthttpd, php, etc. I’m currently using the fonz fun_plug 0.5 pack which works fine with firmware 2.00.

As a result, I’m quite happy with this box so far.

My plan for this box is to use it as a backup storage client. Most linux backup scripts use rsync or have a client daemon to handle storage. Hopefully, I can build myself a toolchain to compile the necessary daemons to run various services on this box.


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