¿Hechas de menos tu viejo Windows?

Migrating Your Windows PC over to Your Mac is as easy as 1, 2, 3…Virtually!

Migrate Your Windows PC to your Mac with VMware Fusion from VMware Fusion on Vimeo.

With the free VMware Converter tool and these easy steps, you can bundle up your entire Windows PC—including files, applications, and operating system—to run on your Mac using VMware Fusion.

1. Convert Your Windows PC

Download and install the free VMware Converter tool into the Windows PC you would like to convert to a new virtual machine to run on your Mac.

2. Move to the Mac

Copy over your converted PC to run on your Mac with VMware Fusion.

3. Create a fresh virtual machine

Create a fresh VMware Fusion virtual machine and import your old PC into it.

Download a detailed PDF of the process. And watch the video above.

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